Friday, November 23, 2007

Breaking rocks for Jesus...

If I think we were to take an honest look at the Church in general many of us would say - "this isn't working, something is not right". But what do we do about it???
I have a theory about what we can do about it - I call it breaking rocks for Jesus.
Many years ago in the penal system to reform criminals they would give them a hammer and some big rocks and tell them to break them into small rocks. To an outside this looks like pointless and cruel punishment, so it was stopped - and now criminals get to do pretty much what they want in our penal systems - but when you think about it they were actualy doing soemthing constructive - they were keeping themselves physicaly fit, they were given time in the monotony of what they were doing to reflect on their crime and probably sweraing to themsleves that they would not get themseleves in this situation ever again.
I think breaking rocks for Jesus is a good image of what we should be doing, trying stuff no matter how meaningless, reflecting on what we have been doing and generaly keeping active - not rearanging the church seats but doing stuff in the community, anything that will keep us active, fit and focused on the task. When i look back at some of the ministry that God has blessed that i have been involved in it hasn't been dreamt up it has come from breaking rocks and keeping busy.
I am a rock breaker for Jesus - and proud of that fact

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