Friday, November 23, 2007

Christian TV

Here in Nelson we are blessed/cursed with our own localy produced Christian TV program, I must admit I occasionaly watch it. Last night the host and failed mayoral candidate interviewd another TV host Lonnie Jenkins from Global Answers an end times Tv ministry. It was absolute drivel, firstly he was asked why they set up the show, his answer included the usual lack of good christian TV, a lack of sound biblical theology, and the fact that when the general public think of Christian TV they have images of TV evangelist asking for money so they can buy another Lear jet. That's fine with me but then the guy goes on to praise the TBN network and their shows saying how great they are and that they produce good Christian TV, unless I am mistaken 99% of the money hungry TV evangelists that feature are supported and shown by TBN - what is going on here. Lonnie your an idiot!
But what got me even more was this whole talk of good biblical theology and good bible teaching, by that he meant wacky interpretations of the book of Revelation, Daniel and all the rest of the Schofield flavoured stuff. I think it is time that Christian stood up and reclaimed the scriptures from these people - they have an image in their mind that flavours everything they read - but the way I see it it doesn't line up with the Bible - it isn't Biblical, and I am pretty sure that it borders on not being Christian too. For instance saying that God allowed the extermination of 6,000,000 Jews during WW2 so that the world would look with pitty upon the nation of Israel so they would be given their homeland - that just sound stupid -what does it say about God - that real estate is more important than people?
I grown when i hear anyone mention end times stuff becuase of people like this - and then we have the guy who wanted to stand for mayor (Host Gary Watson) talking about how the bible and Mayan (were this tribe even Christian) calendar point towards Jesus' return in 2012. If that's the case then why did you want to stand for mayor - you are an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound very Christian to me to be calling a fellow Christian "an idiot".

Augustine said...

I am Christian but I hate Christian TV. They only seem to want to glorify themselves and what they can do..I don't know It just gives me the wrong feeling. I don't even like the radio station because you listen to the same five songs over and over and over again. I want verity!