Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Selling Jesus

I am not sure why, but since I became a christian in my mid 20's people have always said that I am an evangelist. It's a 'gift' that has always felt uncomfortable on my shoulders, there are so many supposed evngelists outthere that just come across as car sales people for Jesus - i don't want to be tagged with that. But I am more than happy - in fact I really enjoy shrring my faith - not in a heavy manner but in a way that speaks of grace, forgiveness and the possiblity of change (thanks to the work of Jesus in that).
Yesterday i got invited to a a bible study with a christian guy and two Jehovahs Witnesses, i loved it being able to sit down and chat God stuff is great even if the people you are sharing with have some unusal views. i asked them some questions about the usual stuff and talked about Jesus being God, the way that God refers to himself as the I AM when he met Moses in the bush, and that way that Jesus uses that same I AM words in John - love it. Also talked a fare bit about Revelation in particular the point of the book and the development of the thought that worship is only for God, and since the focus of the book is about worshipping the lamb that was slain - Jesus - doesn't that mean Jesus is God. it's simple stuff but this is what really stumps JW's - they cannot get passed this - though they reckon that what is happening is not worship but submission to authority - though i'd say if it looks like worship, smells like worship and i guess to witness it it would sound like worship - then maybe it is worship.
I also threw them a bit with some thoughts on the Trinity - i talked about it as a faith statement rather than doctrine that is biblical - again this threw them - they know as well as i do that the trinity is not biblical (ie you won't find the words in the bible), but if you put the strands together from Genesis 1 all the way through to Revelation - I think it is as plain as the nose on my face (and i have quite a big nose). Which is why the creeds start of with the words I believe - they are faith statements - they are central to the christian belief but they are still faith statements.

It was a great time - hope to get the opportunity again at some stage...

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