Thursday, February 22, 2007

An Inspiring Young Person

I sometimes wonder why i work with young people, and then i hear about a guy like this Zach Hunter and I remember....
He's a 15 year old abolitionist - that is someone who wants to stamp out slavery not flush the toilet (that would be an ablutionist). He has inspired me, not because he is fast becoming famous, or because he is so outspoken, but because he is not prepared to take no for an answer, he will not be told it cannot be done.
I get fed up with all the talk about taking this country for God, when it means nothing and encourages nothing, but I believe in every young person is that ability to make a difference, not because of talents but because they have not (hopefully) been soured by failure.

In a few weeks we begin a 6 month part time youth development course aimed at high school age youth, my hope is that we can inspire them, and grow them into fully committed followers of Jesus.

check out a video at this link


Jim said...

Good posting, Michael. I also find this kind of encouragement in the most surprising and unlikeliest ways in working with kids. They kill me and inspire all at the same time. . . and always give me a reason to get up in the morning. FYI, I've signed up to get an email every time you post so keep up the good postings.

Alison LLoyd said...

It is inspirational to think that we can change the world by inspiring many teens.