Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Vatican wants in on the beautiful game

This is just plain weird, and what would they use of a national anthem?? - "Make me a chanel (through the defence) of your peace".would they also have to wear the hats?
would divine intervention not be considered match fixing?
if they lost would that disprove the existence of God?
who would sponsor them?... starving catholics from the 2/3rds world
would the pope get cheap tickets?

Written by: Michiel van Blommestein
VATICAN CITY, Dec 18 (Sw) - A Vatican bishop has told Reuters on Monday that the state is planning to form a national soccer team that can compete in the Serie A.

Tarcisio Bertone, an influential bishop, openly speculated about setting up a squad that can compete with the likes of AS Roma and Inter Milan.

"It is something we are seriously thinking about it. It is a great plan for the future," he said.

Pope Benedict XVI is said to be a proponent of a Vatican team, and he speculated to Italian media about a "very strong" squad mostly containing Brazilian students studying in his state. The Pope is a known Roma fan.

What next....

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Would it look like this?