Monday, December 18, 2006

On death...

I was at interning (I think that is what it's called) for the ashes of a young guy who died of cancer way backin February. It was a very strange experience putting the ashes of someone contined in what looked like a recyled milk container in the ground.
The mother of the guy said the reason she choose the site is becuase he has a view of the sea and can see the planes taking off (two of his loves). While I appreciated the sentimentality I found it odd, given he has been ten months and was well and truly cremated. At the same time the same mother has talked about her son looking down from heaven. With us, yet not with us... it's a weird way to view things but then I guess when I look at the Bible it's equaly as weird. on the one hand we have a big emphasis on the ressurection of the body, but on the other their is another voice that talks in almost gnostics terms of casting of the body. It is by no means clear which is correct, or even if one contradicts the other, which they appear to.

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Jim said...

Just as cryptic is the reality that, in the future (not yet) Kingdom, we will see a "new heaven and a new earth". . . and this "new earth" will be our ultimate destination. Controversial, often overlooked, but what does this "new earth" mean let alone look like? While there are lots of questions, I actually get more excited about this "new earth" than I do about a "new heaven" which I find, in it's vagueness, even more hard to grasp let alone look forward to. Interesting post, Michael.