Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is Mark Driscoll a red neck

First thing I would like to say that I have a lot of respect for Mark Driscoll - mars hill church Seattle, but I think his red neck is starting to show.
Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori (a woman...) has been elected as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopalian church in the US. To which he responds:

What’s going on here? I’ll give you three scenarios to describe it.

First, there are varying degrees of "Christian" feminism and the more hardened variety is the battering ram on the church door that opens the way for homosexuality. What I mean is this: if we deny the basic Biblical tenets that we were made equal but distinct as male and female, with differing God-intended roles in the church and home, then homosexuality is the logical conclusion. This in part explains why the first woman bishop previously supported the election of the first openly gay bishop.

Second, the far-left wing of the Episcopalian Church is, like Judas, in the process of hanging itself. The worldwide Episcopalian communion is widely diverse, with most Anglicans rejecting hard feminism and homosexuality. Additionally, membership in the American Episcopal Church, as in other mainline Protestant groups, has been declining for years and has remained predominantly white. More than a quarter of the 2.3 million parishioners are sixty-five or older.

Third, those in the hardest position are the Bible-believing, theologically conservative Episcopalians who are stuck between a denomination that has betrayed them (but still owns their buildings and assets) and their conscience as bound by Scripture. I have some dear friends who are Jesus-loving, Bible-believing (and even charismatic) evangelical Episcopalian priests, and they have wept openly over the apparent lose-lose situation they find themselves. If/when these pastors and their churches secede from their denomination, the greater body of Christ needs to lovingly support them. This includes allowing them to use other churches’ buildings so they can continue to worship together as a church family.

Needles to say I don't agree with him, I think not only is he overlooking the place of female leadership in the early church, but he is also doing a huge diseverbice ot those who are bible believing, conservative and can see a place for women in leadership - Mark can i suggest some sun cream to calm down your redneck...


ScottyB said...

I disagree, it's not redneck to say and mean what the bible says and means when it says an elder must be the husband of one wife.

Fraser Dron said...


michael said...

In response to scottyb, well if we are going to do what the bible says in every situation, we might have to start some new practices... We need to discern what is cultural and what is not. But we also need to honour the scripture. In terms of the elder must be the husband of one wife i would want to honour the place of a solid marriage, and I would also want to honour the order of headship. However i don't think that has to exclude women from postions of ministry... in the case of the American episcopalian church they need soem good leadership - espescialy after the Gene Robertson debarcle - if she can provide it then great - it seems to me that God has often used women to provide stbility and leadership in times of turmoil. I hope she is such a person.

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