Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns

The Bryan Singer made Superman movie has just been released. Whether ti is any good or not I can't say, but I suspect with Singer directing it then there will be some subversive messages about his faith.
In an email from Movie i recieved this morning they have put out a study guide, the intro is as follows:
"Superman Returns explicitly asks the audience to consider if the world needs a savior. But more than that, if Superman is the Christ-figure (or at least Christian-figure) that many critics claim, then this film challenges Christians to face the consequences of abandoning, even temporarily, the mission the Father has entrusted to us."
I always find it interesting the way pop culture seems to go out of its way to illustrate and elaborate on many facets of the gospel message, but this has largely been on a personal individualistic level. If the synopsis that movie is presenting is reflection of Singers work, then maybe pop culture is heading towards that much needed corporate level of responsibility.
As i observe what is happening with the Church in general it scares me how much we have forgotten the mission of the Father. The seed of mission which grew the Church has largely not reproduced the seeds of mission in the life of the Church... It is sad state of affairs, our world more than ever needs a saviour, but we won't find it in men dressed in funny costumes rather in the people who call themselves the Church when they realise the Church is not only the consequence of mission it is also the conductor of that ongoing mission.


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