Monday, March 13, 2006


For the last few years I have had a rather odd hobby - collecting Christian kitsch, Tacky attempts at evangelism. Though it's only a small collection it does help to ground me
So far I have:
A plastic Moses figurine - complete with commandments
A roller Jesus
I did have a crucifixtion play set but my son pinched it to play with his Star Wars figures
A Jesus loves you frisbee - great for evangelism at the beach... (not really)
and on Friday my Holy Socks arrived from the UK - Hideous piece of clothing that claims to bless your feet - tacky -
I also want an evangecube - which I think are extremely stupid, but then i do have afriend who was a missionary in eastern europe that used to use them reguarly to communicate with non english speaking people - maybe they are not so stupid after all...

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