Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What if Jesus had married?

My son after watching the Dan Brown court case on the morning news asked me if Jesus had married. My answer - I don't think so - I suspect if he had it would have been mentioned in the gospels at least once. But if he had married maybe things would be a lot easier for the church, for one - we may have the direct succesor thing, which after he ascended (not to France) would certainly help with forming of denominations.
Well actualy that is not true becuase isn't that argument a huge part of the sunni and sheite argument in Iraq at the moment??
The Catholic church would certainly struggle to maintain its emphasis on single male priests which might not be a bad thing
The over associtaion between sex and sin would probably not be as extreme as it is.

in fact there are probably a few good reasons to say that Jesus would have married, the only problem is that despite all the digging around in dirt that soem writers have done they ain't exactly come up with much of a case to state it as a fact.
Which leads me to the conclusion that - he didn't marry - but would it have been a bad thing if he had?

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