Monday, March 13, 2006

A funny weekend

Just read a story on blog, that reminded me of an incident over my weekend and how two different understanding of the gospel can influence our actions.
A few weeks back a young friend died of cancer, to bless the family a few people (well actualy it ended out about 50) got together to paint his parents house over the weekend. Lets just say that in itself was amazing the way that people drawn to a cause were willing to go out of their way. I would love to say that they were all Chrisitans - but they weren't and many of them the only time they had been in church was for the young guys funeral.
Anyway one of the guys I was talking too had jsut ran into some immaculatly dressed christians on the way to the house, they stopped him an dinsisted on telling him all about the joy of the Lord, and how he needed to know it. His reply, "I'll tell you what I know anout the joy of the Lord, come and stick some overalls on and join us up the hill painting." to whihc he went on to expalin what and why we were doing. I would love to say they joined us - but they didn't....

Kind of reminds me about St Francis, preach the word at all times and if neccesary use words.

Well this weekend me and my family did just that we preached the word with paint brushes, and were joined by 50 other people in doing that, people that who may not know Jesus but somehow deep on the inside know the second greatest commadment to love your neighbour as yourself.

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