Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mission Shaped Liturgy part2

I guess it would be too easy to read a title like mission shaped liturgy and assume that what I am suggesting is liturgy and worship shaped by its context. Nothing could be further from the truth – For me our liturgy should shape us for mission – when you peak over the fence into the reality of Heaven your sent back to earth with a new sense of urgency. A few year back when studying of my degree I did a stage three paper in The book of Revelation, it really impacted me the way that the story helps the 'hearer' engage a fresh with their local context – Schusler Fiorenza suggested it helps the hearer in the task of liberation of breaking free, politically and socially I hear the words and I am inspired a fresh not only with confidence in the gospel because Jesus reigns but with zeal too, I want to see his Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Liturgy/worship can do that

I guess then a mission shaped liturgy would be as much about being countercultural as it would be about being relevant. The relevance comes in how through worship a new – God shaped view of reality is achieved.

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