Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Three Hardest Words..

What are the 3 hardest words, according to Leonard Sweet in his book of the same name, it is the words I love You. "I" becuase of the confusing nature of our identity, particuarly our new identity in Christ. "love" because of thwe integrity that is often associated with that word. Finaly "you" becuase it point to intimacy and our failure to grasp it.
It's a great book and as sweet points out without these 3 words life is not truly life, infact life is death. Over the years I have tried to develop a discipline of reading the biblical thematicaly. One that theme that I have concentrated on in the last 3 years is the standpoint of personal identity, Sweet goes beyond that to draw it into the context of Intimacy also, and doing that develop an understanding of Love.
From the questions that we here from God to human kind in Genesis these two areas are clear - firstly "Where are you?", and secondly "Where is your brother?" identity and intimacy.
In a world that often fails to understand these two question, it would be rather difficult to understand the nature of love as revealed in Christ.

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