Thursday, September 07, 2006


The latest magazine from the Waikato Diocese arrived on my desk this morning, in full glossy colour, on page 3 there is an article on the gass guzzling global warming and the usual, we are tryinng to save our enviorment stuff. While I have no problem with this in principle - i think we should be doing all we can to consume less - That is why I no longer drive anywhere within a 10 km radius of my home - i Bike.
But what really gets me is all this talk fails to realise how hypocritical it is, it's on paper that probably cannot be recycled (well without bleaching and throwing stacks of chemicals into it - so how does that help). Written by people who fly all over the country for 3 hour meetings (use the phone guys, that's a relatively new technology).
The golden rule of caring for the enviorment - the 3 r's start with REDUCE - why not try that for once and print less rubbish, REUSE - well i don't think me turning the newsletter into a paper airplane helps - though I got more interest out of it than reading it. Then RECYCLE.

I always hear if we don't print it then people won't read it, but i must ask is that a bad thing??? is it really worth reading, and is the world a better place because soemthing was put into print... Could I suggest that if you have soemthing to say put it on a website


Jim said...

on a website?... which needs to be hosted on a computer, and presumably will be viewed on a number of computers... all of which need electricity to run... which is generated by burning fossil fuels or by flooding valleys to create hydro dams?

yay for being facetious!

michael said...

actualy mine is solar powered with organic components

Jim said...


nice answer