Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A deeper problem

My heart aches for the Church, and particuarly for her young people. As Youth workers we can spend a lot of time grumbling about the problem, but many times I think that is because we know what needs to be done but find that no one want to listen. I have come across a couple of blogs today that reflect this realization that the problem with youth ministry is a deeper problem.
Problem with youth discipleship? Usually means lack of intentional or thought out spiritual formation with adults.
Problem getting youth to integrate to "adult church"? Usually something more than just a problem with the youth!
Problem getting volunteers? Often about sense of ownership and vision in wider church.


"When leaders in churches began to see teenager's growing disinterest with the church they responded like a good mechanic: isolate and fix...but the Christian community is not a machine. In fact the "solution" of isolation created a much worse problem. Because teenagers are an integral part of the body of Christ, perhaps we would be better off to approach this problem less as a mechanic would and more as a physician would" (Family Based Youth Ministry, p43).
Thanks to Pete for the quote.