Friday, April 07, 2006

Leadershipnext and proof of God's blessing

Earlier this week I had a three hour wait in a regional airport for aflight and was so able to sit down and read the Eddie Gibb's book LeadershipNext. This guy has always impressed mecomming out of the Church growth school but being able to understand the 'emergent' world (not a term I particuarly like). Anyway i think with this book he has hot the nail on hte head so to speak recognising some of the attributes (probably good and bad) of those who are to lead (or should that be facilitate) in the life of the emerging church movement. Go buy it.....

In other news i arrived at work early this morning to catch the last 30 minutes of play in the UEFA cup match between Middlesbrough (my home team) and Basle.... There is a God and his face is shinning on the Boro today, needing 4 goals to win this round they did so with about 90 seconds to spare - 4-1 to the Boro and 4-3 on aggregate. to celerbrate i entertained the office with the classic track - papa's got a brand ne pig bag - by pig bag - the Boro theme tune

repeat to fade.... over heavy bass beat

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