Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Body

Last weekend I raided the video sale at the loacl video shop and found a copy of the Antonio Banderas movie The Body, in it he playsa Jesuit priest given the job of disproving the findings of a jewish archaeological dig. The finding are - apprently the body of Christ.
Hollywood doesn't often try to draw out faith issues in this specific terms so I was kind of surprised with the positive image that a person of faith was painted in though a scetion of the Catholic Church takes a bit of a hammering. I love the way though that they draw back to the fact that without the ressurection there can be no salavtion - chrisitanity may well live on but not the hope of salvation.
the end of the movie, without giving too much a way comes back to supporting the Banderas characters understanding of faith.
One that i think we need to bare in mind when we consider the press and media coverage of late and still to come with Dan Brown's Jesus.

While disproving the ressurection would not totaly undermine the Christian faith, one might wonder what an earth we would be following a person for who if he did not rise form the dead was at best a liar and at worst to use CS Lewis' words the Devil of Hell. The ressurection is not just an afterthought but central to the story, christian faith and hope. And the movie The Body certainly seems to recognise that fact

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