Monday, February 27, 2006

A wedding and the Da Vinci Code

I took a wedding on Satuday down in Christchurch at the newly built Ark chapel Gethsemase gardens.
Above the altar stage area is a take of of Da Vinci's last supper. Straight after the service agut cam up to me firing a lot of questions about whether it was Mary stood next to Jesus. but the wierd thing is he said if it was then it couldn't have been a virgin birth???? Needless to say I had a lot of explaining to do about if it was Mary then it was Mary Magdelane, to which he said who was she... well she was 'once' a prostitute, while the Church i think views that as a redemptive relationship, this guy fed a diet of sleaze thought it was a bit dodgy....

In the end it was a great open ended discussion, one of those moment that I cherish, but it struck me how much either the Church has confused the world, or the world is confused about the Church. Either way i suspect that in the post Christian world we cannot asume too much.

Role on May when the Da Vinci code is released at the Cinema... after Saturdays conversation i think it may be quite interesting...

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