Tuesday, February 28, 2006

random thoughts....

Steve Taylor is sick at the moment so - if your talking with the big fella please drop a line in his behalf.
In my world things are up and down at the moment as i try to find God's direction.
The issue is that I have been approached by a church to come and pastor them, they are a wonderful bunch of people and one that it would be in many ways a pleasure to serve.
However it's in a city that I have issues over living in, and in all honesty my family are certainly not keen in living in.
I guess it has struck me how others can soemtimes stand in the way of what I would like God to do with me. A friend just reminded me this afternoon that people like these are a gift from God. While that seems weird, the others - in this case my family do push me back into the arms of a God who I have come to love more dearly over the past few weeks. My desire is to serve him, and serve him I will and the first place of service is in my own home.
I guess i am still seeking him in regards to this position, and i'd appreciate your prayers in doing that, i realise that there are quite a few people who read this and do not leave comments, but your prayer would be appreciated...


STeve said...

oh mike, that is so sweet. thankyou for the prayer. i;m better but not sure if i'm 100% yet.

may God grant you discernment re the future... there's a discernment process on my blog that we've being doing with our youth if it's any help (http://www.emergentkiwi.org.nz/archives/resources/discernment.PDF)

and is is just me that see's the irony that you can blog in january about emergent becoming a conference and in march be struck with cramp when you're about to go to one :)


michael said...

I think it may have been some cutlutral exorcism going on, or exorcising my dinner.
Glad to hear your feeling better too