Friday, September 02, 2005

Inspiration in the Strangest places

I have set my self a new discipline to read one book per week, So far this month i have made it through - The Hollywood Project - a look at movies, but also the people who have created them and why they have done that - it starts of with Mel Gibsons faith journey from Leathal Weapon to the PAssion. But for me one of the best chapters was on Ed Solomon - he has been writting comedy movies for years -the Bill and Ted's Adventures are his work (deffinatly in my top 20 favourite movies). but his most recent work LEVITY is a serious drama, that deals with the impossobility and reality of forgiving ourselves. It's a beautiful movie - RENT IT TODAY.
I have also Read Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. Rob is the man behind the NOOMA video series - which i hate, but he is a great story writer. In this book he looks at aspects of our faith - often froma different view point but with some very good Biblical insights - his picture of Doctine as a trampoline to throw us into a relationship with God is inspiring.
Finaly i also read a book the son of a preacher man which is the life story of Jay Barker son of Jim and Tammy Barker. it's a wondeful story of forgiveness and the other side of Chrisitians judging other Christians - great read

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