Thursday, September 01, 2005

Christians against greed

yesterday i was sent a link to a photo essay in Australia and Anti-globalisation demonstration, Notable amongst the protestors was a group carrying a banner Christians against greed. the weird thing is that they tend not be word that many outside fo the Church would associate with Chritains. our local Christian Democrat party has reinforced this stereotype with an ellection policy announcement that would make a flat tax rate of 25% across the board - while i would be better of it means that those who currently earn under $20,000 a year would be paying about an extra 7% in tax a week. People like my next door neighbour a siungle mum with two kids- Christians Against greed - who are we trying to kid...

I think the prophets would have soemthing to say against a policy like this - aren't we supposed to care for the widows and orphans - or is it God helps those who help themselves..

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