Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sky Sports is a sham, they want your money but won't show the content you pay for...
I complained about the way they have messed with the guide and showing of the ALL WHITE game their answer is as follows..

Thank you for your email.

Our monthly SKY Watch is printed 6 weeks in advance and as per note on back pages of each edition all listings were accurate at the time of printing. LIVE coverage of the All Whites and Serbia match aired on Sports 3 from 3am this morning with a replay scheduled on Sports 2 for 6am this morning. As the Tennis ran over the replay aired from 7:30am this morning and as any LIVE event has precedence over any replay or highlight coverage.

As we now have rights for LIVE coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals the replay on Sports 2 for 3pm today was amended out for this and the EPG (electronic programming guide) updated. The All Whites and Serbia match will be next replayed on Wednesday the 2nd Sports 1 from 2am, and Thursday the 3rd Sports 3 from 2am also. Please continue to check the EPG to confirm any changes and updates.

We understand that television viewing is very personal and subjective and any decision we take is never done so lightly but we do have to try and cater to all sporting codes that we have rights to and offer a wide selection of programmes. Unfortunately this will please some customers while frustrating others.

Please feel free to contact SKY Television Customer Services on 0800 759 759 for further information, alternatively please respond via return email and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

With kind regards,

SKY Customer Services Team