Monday, November 03, 2008

Niche Marketing

Just been thinking of the connection between Niche Marketing and being missional, while they are not one in the same it seems to me that every church has a purpose in worshipping and glorifying God in THAT particular community at THAT particular time. I guess then that finding your niche must in some way be key to that. One of our local Churches, Nelson Baptist has set up a ministry to the courthouse – which is just across the road offering a drop in for families who are waiting for court appearances – it brilliant, because they understand their location, they understand their transient community, I suspect that many of our churches could do the same – the world is on our doorsteps and while the gospel of Christ is more than just scratching where the world is itching – it's a good place to start proclaiming it. Now if I could only get a call to the church outside Disneyland….

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