Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slices of Heaven

I am having a hard time with God at the moment, there seems to be a lot of pressure working against me and finding anything to be joyful about is a real pain. I feel very Lenty…

Last night though me and the whanau got invited out to dinner by some friends from Hawaii who own a farm in NZ that they come over to for holidays. They work pretty much 7 days a weeks so when they come over here they like to enjoy themselves and relax with people they enjoy – I guess they enjoy our company. In their family they have a tradition of sharing desert so rather than one person hogging there bowl you have several different deserts flying round the table and you take some as it comes pass it on and so on. After a few hard weeks this meal was also a great opportunity for us to relax and enjoy some people who have offered friendship to us and asked nothing in return. I think desert was a slice of heaven for me it tasted of community and felt very much like a feast on the road side, for a weary traveller.

Thanks Bill and Rebecca for inviting us in


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onscreen said...

Unlike the previous commenter, this isn't spam! Rather it's a quick hello from a voice in your past. Discovered you had a blog by way of Sam Harvey's blog via Frank Ritchie's blog. It seems like everyone in the Christian community blogs these days, so I'll add you to my bloglines.

Hopefully this message reaches you as you seem to have been absent from this blog for two months now, and that things are looking better for you.

Take care and say hi to the family.

Love Jonathan & Dione (and kids)