Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What shape (youth) ministry?

In my current role I get to reflect upon the shape that youth ministry can take in the life of a church – it can be exciting to dream possibilities but also frustrating to know that largely they remain dreams. I am hanging out to go back to pastoral ministry but not as a youth pastor. My hope is that I can help guide a Church into being mission focused, how will I do that? Well largely through many of the reflections I have made based on my practice and others of youth ministry… It seems to me that in order for a church to grapple effectively with mission it needs to 'see the waves coming' and then surf them… Youth ministry seems to feel the waves before the wider Church, it's the prophetic edge, the missional edge. I believe that a church that utilizes and embraces and builds an effective youth ministry can also reach the wider community more effectively. A church that learns how to disciple young people will effectively be able to disciple the wider community too…

Sometimes it's fun being a youth worker for Jesus J


PS my spell checker wants to change the word missional for fissional, interesting movement?

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