Friday, November 09, 2007

I always cry at movies...

a few weeks back I went to see the Movie Atonement - it is quite seriously one of the best told stories i have seen for quite some time. But also very moving - especialy for me..
Most people who have scene comment on how amazing the Dunkirk beach shots are and how they capture your emotions. For me they capture my emotions for a different reason - it was shot on the beach where I spent a lot of my childhood years. When the camera panned out to the troops singing on the band standa - I cried, not becuase of the song they were singing and the hope in their hearts as they waited for the ship to take them home, but becuase I used to play on the same spot as a child (thought it's not a band stand).
For me what captured me was the story underneath the story, I saw a different view of reality to those sitting around me in the cinema, I was captured by memory - "by the view on the other side of he tapestry" - so to speak. My emotional response was different.
For me the Book of Revelation has a simialr feel - it's a glimpse behind the story fo the day - the world as John the writer saw, a glimpse behinf the political turmoil into the world at the centre of the universe - to the throne room of God, it's a story behind the story of the day. Again it fills me with emotion, with fear and with Joy as the Lion who was slain overcomes.
I love that, I love seeing the stories behind the stories, the reality beyond what is presenting itself - seeing God at work beneath the surface


Anonymous said...

At least the cinema we went to was not as drafty as the one in Redcar,
but it was a good movie - brought back memories. But where had the concrete penguins and Woolworths gone?
From strange woman at theatre avoiding studies....

Michael Treston said...

woolworths is further down the beach, and the i guess the concrete penguins were covered in shrapnel