Thursday, May 31, 2007

What does a healthy community look like?

I am writing a proposal at present to seek funding for a community worker, one of the major questions behind it is what can a church group offer that a secular agency can't - i think the major thing is a community that has the potential to hold many variables in tension (health, spirituality etc.), that's the theory anyway.
So I wanted some others thoughts on what defines a healthy community, doing a Google search can always be fun because you never know how they will interpret it. As I expected many of the web hits related to a church community, the majority of those that didn't related to either Health Care or Town Planning, but stuck in the middle of it was one link that caused me to laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. In searching Google took community out of the key words and came up with a link to "what does healthy dog poop look like?" Note to self do not confuse a firm round turd that you can pick up with your fingers (why would you want to...) with a gathering of people that respects difference and promotes belonging.

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