Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My daughter the artist, Jesus and the hedgehog

My six year old daughter is building an art instalation in our back garden at the moment. It involves 3 crosses, a dozen pine cone disciples, a sad looking Jesus, one good criminal and on bad criminal - It's of course a crucifixtion scene.
It amazes me that the depth of sprirtuality that occurs in such a small child and devotion to not only doing this but doing well. Over three nights she has worked on this, putting time and effort into it - even sawing some of the wood herself.
But it also amazes me the depth of devotion and care she has for this "art" too, on Monday night when it was all finished and she was off to bed she suddenly ran outside torch in hand to check on her instalation. She was mortified to see on of the crosses lying face down on the dirt. It seems our friendly neighbourhood hedegehog had stepped into the instalation to inspect, and knocked Jesus down... Needless to say my daughter stood up the cross again and chassed away the hedgehog...

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