Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life Sucks....

Several years back I posted as I occasionaly do a sermon on the web site Sermon Central at the time I became almost famous with somewhere in the region of 300 people viewing it in a matter of 2 - 3 weeks. I was however forced to take it of and resubmit it with a different title and some editing. Why because it was called "Life Sucks", and apparently as one of the many complaining emails I got pointed out Sucks has Sexual connotations. Imagine that an every day word here in NZ has sexual connotations, in all honesty I did not know that (call me naive), so I thought with the web masters and the dozen or so people who objected via email for creative and artistic and cultural recognition of the word sucks as meaning really bad. My argument was simple, and I gave examples of words that went the other way, namely - fanny, where i grew up it ain't what people from America think it is, I pointed out how offensive I found the theme tune to the TV series the Nanny with Fran Drescher glorified a word that much of the world was disgusted by. I also pointed out that Tramp in our culture has nothing to do with prostitutes and that i objected to the censorship of Corrie Ten Boon's book Tramp for the Lord. But alas I was defeated and forced to resubmit (but if you look at the sermon on line you'll notice the checker at their site missed one offending sucked).
SO why am I writing this - well it's not to plead for tolerance, but just to point out that even some Americans don't think the word has sexual connotations. Had to laugh at this article. Would love to start a protest group to recognise and save the word SUCKS from dirty minded people.r

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