Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have been attempting to plow my way through some books over the last few months, some i would want to reccomend others - well I had to wonder why I read them:

Bored with God - nice title but very misleading - should have been I suspect bored with Church as that is what the book is about mainly - comming to terms with young people who (like many adults) find church boring. Wasn't the greatest book i have looked at - sorry could not read the whole thing - it was a little boring. Struck me though how in spite of the fact we talk about faith alone and christ alone as all important we still fall into a standard Church alone...

Presence-Centered Youth Ministry, working my way through this but am really enjoying it, its nice to find a book aimed at people who have been in youth ministry long term. And also nice to see that others are realising the focus of youth ministry sould be ministry and formation - the title says it all realy. Mike has a blog that is worth looking at too -

Exiles - A very worth while read for anyone interested in all things missional, It's not just about being a missional church for chnage but looks at some aspects of living out your faith in a post christendom climate. It's deffinatly a book for the times, dealing with discipleship through more holistic eyes. While many of the thoughts are nto new Frost has done a great job of gleaning and unpacking much of the thought surrounding missional living. Not neccesarily a great introduction to being missional as I think Frost is a little too academic at times, but I would recomend it as a follow up to something like Out of Bounds Church .

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