Friday, March 30, 2007

Another rant..... Identity and navel gazzing

Around the Anglican church at the moment i hear the word identity thrown around quite a bit - and the need to define who we are before we can engage in the task of mission. What crap, when Jesus sent out the the 12 did he say find out who you are and then go??? I don't think so.
It seems to me that in working with young people and looking at the scriptures the identity issues comes through a process of action and reflection, sitting around in conference rooms contemplating our navels does not tell us anything. Messing our way through the mission of Christ, engaging with those around us, screwing up and saying sorry tells us far more about Christ's mission. Why on earth can we not just get on and Christ's hand and feet instead of being his navel
Don Tamihere often uses a phrase which I think is great and I thinks sums up some of the problem "aren't we supposed to be Angli Cans and not Angli Can'ts."


Debs said...

I would argue that true christianity needs a framework that is based on notions of an individual-continuum time spectrum.

I propose that christians apply for funding to write about this concept, approximately $69,000 perhaps.

It is wonderful to see many christians standing around, having meetings, writing proposals and books on finding ones identity, because we live in a world where there are NO needs, there are no homeless in New Zealand, or hurting kids, or people without food, or unsaved people. Chrisitians have all the time in the world to take their sweet time in finding their identity and i wholeheartedly agree that no-one should begin to seek and save that which is lost, feed the hungry of any of that sort of stuff until they have done a 1 year full time "Find your own Identity" programme.

****Collins English Dictionary - sarcasm - bitter or wounding ironic remark, sneer, irony****

michael said...

Love the response Debs, I think i have a proposal that is worth $69000 at least. It involves lots of interantional travel and a consortium that will examine each others belly button fluff, in the hope that we can establish which fluff is more biblical...