Friday, December 01, 2006

Greg leaves the Wiggles...

It a sad day for children judging by the news report world wide:

"Greg Page, the lead singer of Australian kid-friendly supergroup the Wiggles, has announced plans to quit the song-and-dance crew after 15 years as its most prominent face after being diagnosed with a chronic condition known as orthostatic intolerance...."

"The emotional decision was one which was very difficult, as I have dedicated almost half my life to the Wiggles, and with a question mark over my health, I feel that this is the right decision," the 34-year-old entertainer said. "I will miss the Wiggles and the other guys very much, as well as seeing all the children in the audiences that we perform in front of."

Both my kids prayed for Greg last night - I think even though they are passed the Wiggles stage they will miss him, God Bless Greg and we hope you get well.

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