Monday, October 09, 2006

Word for today

in my last post about 15 minutes ago i used the word Redemeptionitis - it's pinched from Bob Mayo, here is his take on it...
"My suggestion is that youth workers are adopting some of the worst work habits of church leaders – chief among which is a tendency to overwork. The idea that working long hours is the unavoidable and only way of expressing a Christian commitment leaves youth workers and church leaders feeling tired, stressful and sometimes even resentful. Youth workers are in the dreams business, helping young people to become the person they have inside them to be. This will not happen if what youth workers end up doing and what young people end up hearing is nothing more than a thinly disguised form of duty and obligation. It is bad practice but it also emerges out of muddled doctrine – doctrine shapes behaviour in the same way that ideas affect actions. This spiritualization of busyness comes out of what I am choosing to call, ‘redemptionitis’. "

redemptionitis is what happens when the incarnation of Jesus is focused on to the exclusion of the doctrines of creation and eschatology, which changes Christian faith into activism that ultimately becomes destructive - bad theology = bad practice.

"Christians are subdivided and then reclassified according to their levels of commitment -- there are cultural Christians, believing Christians, born again Christians and then finally committed, believing, born again Christians."

Subsequnetly, the closer I get to the centre the busier I become.

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