Friday, October 13, 2006


someone relayed a story to me about a church in England that got involved in supporting an orphanage, it became a focus of everything they did, as they focused more on it they desired more of God and they grew and grew. Several years later the person came to another church, one that was focused purely on themselves - they talked about evangelism - but did little - focused all their activity on themselves. Needless to say the person is leaving that Church - Why? because there was no community...
when i heard this i noted - why would any one settle for a plain old Church when they have expereinced the Kingdom of God - as the church in England focused itslef on others they expereinced soemthing of that Kingdom, anything else in comparission just doesn't meet it.
I worry about the Church in this land, as we become more and more isolated, entrenched and focus more and more on oursleves and ministry to "me", it scares me.
Jesus said, "You are the salt of the earth, and salt that has lost it saltiness is only worth ebing thrown on the dung heap."

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