Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - leadership style

I missed the conclusion of Rockstar supernova and was kind of disapointed to see Lukas take it out. But then again reflecting on who was left and the needs of the band Lukas was the obvious choice. But as i thought about it i realised that it said alot about leaderhsip style too.
In each of th efinal four you had a unique leadership style...
Dilana was a natural front person, a huge ego that needs to be satisifed, for her leadership - or fronting the band was all about her, feeding her needs, She was more important then the other members - The irony is this is normaly what you would look for in a front person ( how many mambers of Creed could you name... probaly Scott Stap). And it is quite a natural ledaership stance - she is the natural born leader. on the negative side this leadership style can go all worng and turn into something out of Fatal Attraction (Glen Close) when they are betrayed... Dilana would have wanted to front and control, would never have worked with a 'super' band.
Ont the opposite extreme almost you have the team member - Magni. Not a natural leader but is pushed into a position because of natural gifts and abilites, Magni would reluctantly lead becuase he was the best at soemthing. His ego would be satisfied because the band did well. Unfortunatly when you are fronting a group like this especially with soemone with the huge personality of Tommy Lee it wouldn't work, Magni would be dwarfed from behind the drum stool.
Toby on the other hand is like Dilana a natural born leader, but unlike Dilana it is others that he centres that on, Leadership is about fun and the party making sure everyone is having a great time. The problem being that he doesn't need a higly recognisable backing band - they would be dwarfed by hos personality.
Lukas on the other hand is soemthing of what i would call a pupet - I don't mean that negatively but his performance and leadership is a summing up of what is going on behind him and in the music. He dances, and performs in response to the needs fo those around him - like Magni, but seeks to seperate himself of and stand out unlike Magni. Lukas is in some respect going to a be a tool to get the job done for the band, I don't think Supernova as a band have a long term future but they will tour make an album, and all go there seperate ways - lukas will enjoy the ride and move on as the rest of them will - it isn't life and death to him.

I think you can throw the whole thing into a church leadership/pastor type context too. The Dilana pastor - the one who is born to lead and lead out of there own ego, there catch phrase might be YOU NEED ME.
The Magni, lets form a team, we lead becuase we have gifts not because we are natural leaders - catch phrase WE NEED EACH OTHER.
The Toby, life is a riot, i want you all to have a good time, to enjoy each other, as long as we are enjoying each other then life is good - Catch phrase WHERE's THE PARTY.
Lukas, I am an expression of who we all are - the everyman or everywoman, I will help you collect your thoughts and express them - CATCH PHRASE - I NEED YOU.

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