Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dream

Once Upon A Time, there was an Old wise Man that had a dream, a dream about a church. It was a beautiful building made of finely cut ivory stones. It stood straight pointing up to the heavens, and the bricks that made it up were so symmetrical that you couldn't see the joins. Around this church were many other stones, and bricks, all of which had been rejected in the building of this church. Only the best finely cut bricks could be used in the building of this church. In the morning the old man awoke and remembered this dream. He decided that this dream must be a dream from God, a vision of the perfect church and so the wise man decided he would build this church in God's honor.
Several months later the dream was a reality, the wise man had built the church of his dream. Every stone was cut precisely, polished up smoothly and made to fit exactly next to the other stones. There were no gaps, no seams in this building, It was just an ivory tower pointing straight up to heaven.
The old man felt very proud of this church he had built, after all wasn’t this church beautiful, perfectly symmetrical, with no gaps or seems to see.
That night a terrible storm came. The mighty winds and thundering rain began to bash the church. The rain, wind and thunder struck the church so hard that by morning there was nothing left, not one brick remained, and all there was a pile of rubble. The old man was heart broken, he cried out to his God, “Why Me", "Why would you destroy this beautiful church built in you honor Lord?" But Heaven was silent. The old man received no answer. That night he went to bed, he lay there and mourned the lost beauty of his Church. Tears soaked his pillow.
Then he had another dream, a dream of another church. This time though the church wasn’t beautiful seamless ivory tower pointing heavenward, but rather a rough looking old place, with a crooked tower and gapping holes in it. The door was on a lean the windows were cracked and the roof leaked. The old man looked at this church and was horrified. In the morning he awoke remembering his dream, or was it a nightmare? He decided that this too was a message from God; or rather it was a warning, a warning not to ever build a church like that.
The next night the wise man had the same dream, of the rough looking church with a crooked tower. And the next and the next and the next. For five nights he had the same dream. Understandably then he was beginning to get quite annoyed by this dream. "Who could build such a monstrosity?" He thought to himself. "Surely this is an insult to God,” but just as he said this he heard a voice from the heavens say; "Look at my church isn't she beautiful" "Look at her style" "Look at her strength wise man" "This is the church I want you to build"

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Missional Jerry said...

I see a sermon being built around this.