Friday, August 18, 2006

Real life disaster movies

There seem to be a few movies comming out in the next few months themed around 9/11. While this seems like a weird subject matter for a movie given the angst caused by those evenats and the reprecussions around the world still. I suspect people will flock to them as a way of shedding some of the emotional baggage that has been hanging around. While the response to terror by government agencies tends to be get back to business as usual, the events of last week and the plot to blow up commercial airlines shows that there is no such thing in our 9/11 world as business as usual, there is no peace.
On SUnday at our college boarders service we played the video for Green Day when September ends, while the song is kind of sickly sweet talking about what appears to be a broken love story . The video puts into a different reality, and put s the world we live in an autumn period a time of death, where innocence is lost, it describes our world as a September world....
It's when I reflect upon these things that suddenly the words fo thr prophets living in and 'looking' forward to exile come alive.
There is no business as usual and never has been in the 2/3rd's world, and that is a reality that we in the west - even in little quiet safe NZ are comming to understand, autumn is upon us, but the death of Autumn is caused by the pushing through of the new life of Spring... I live in Hope that as the world faces up to her new relality and sheds the old world view not only can we find justice but peace for all....

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