Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Being Real

I am of to a local college in a few hours to speak to their Christian group about being a Real Christian. I thought it was an interesting topic, firstly because since they asked me to speak on it then I assume that they may see me as a Real Christian, either that is a relief or i am better than i thought at faking it. But seriously it is an interesting topic, there are so many people around who call themsleves Christian - even in a post christendom world. And there are many others that theologicaly concern me, in their views on Christ. But to offer soemthing i want to say that being a real christian for me involves my actions reflecting what I believe. I guess the same could be said for any belief - if you really belief it then it should influence what you do. Over the past 12 years that i have been involved in ministry that has been my code, and I think works well. Hopefully as the Chrsitan group scratches belwo the surface they will see that while I may not be a perfect, my intentions is for my beliefs to be worked out in practice in how i live.


Tavo said...

Hello, im form Costa Rica. I like the way you think, may be you can comment something in my blog..

Jim said...

Hey Michael. Its been awhile. Great to read your thoughts couched in humor yet provoking. I value you as both a Real Christian, in trying make real your walk as well as a Reel Christian who loves to find God at the Movies. What have you found good at the Kiwi box office these days? I miss our cuppas in Nelson.