Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Notes from Sunday message at Boarders Service

Human tendency to complicate God
Stand to reason really – how could God be simple to understand???

When you think about God you think big, all powerful stuff like that
And yet God choose to make himself known through Jesus

And how did Jesus say get to know me – get to know God?
He said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father through me
No one can get to know God unless they do it through Jesus.
Know that doesn’t mean Jesus was some big guard dog –

And how do you get to know God then if Jesus is in the way
Simple by spending time with him – he didn’t say study philosophy, read big books or anything like that.

Get to know him and that is how you get to know God

So what do we find out as we get to know him…?

Well that is simple too – because a lot of what Jesus talked about was
Loving God and loving your mates/neighbors people like that – it isn’t rocket science.
Now when I say love – it’s not always the sloppy stuff – where you go dopey eyed over your girl friend – or boyfriend – the word literally translates as – brotherly love – MATES we might say
There was a wise guy who wrote stacks and stacks of books about this Jesus guy – so many in fact that if you put them on a shelf it would take up 1.5 meters of shelf space – don’t ask me how many pages are in that.

Anyway wise as he was the only word of wisdom he could give when he died was this.

Jesus loves me this I know cause the bible tells me so…. Simple – so simple that it can be summed up in a nursery rhyme.

Love God, Love your Neighbour and that’s about it – everything else is a bonus


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