Wednesday, May 10, 2006

General Synod...

I got to attend a day of the Anglican General Synod in Christchurch yesterday. Growing up as a good Baptist boy the only thing i knew about Synods was that there was apparently a lot of beard pulling (Arian Nicean debate), that if all else failed in the debate you could always resort to the line..."well we have Peter's bones" (Synod of Whitby, the debate over amongst other things haircuts). Needles to say i went with expextations, instead there seemed to be a lot of people not saying what they wanted to say...the Politicaly Correct brigade were out in earnest.
Part of the debate I heard was over appointing a new primate/primates. Terms used to descrive this ranged from, "a three headed beast" to "this leadership will reflect the nature of thr Trinity." - what? thankfully they have moved away from the theoligical nonsense to at least talking about a TRIPARTITE leadership, but i wonder how well it will work.
While I suspect that the present candidates can pull it off, who knows what the future holds or how they will work it. "Well you'll be arch bishop on Saturday, Thursday, and we'll share Sunday..." or does it lead itself to a "how many primates does it take to change a light bulb.." type joke.
it was all very strange.... and I didn't once get to see Peter's bones or witness any beard pulling...
Anglicans elect tripartite leadership

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