Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rolling Stones......

Last week I joined the mad throng of Visa users and purchased tickets to see the rolling stones, actualy I have never been a huge fan of the stones, but they do have some great songs - Ruby Tuesday and Jigsaw Puzzle ( which Flesh for Lulu covered (see Links)) are probably my favs. So anyway the plan was to take my two kids - 9 and 5 to see them too. I know my 5 year old would love thme , but Aidan is a different story.
"what do i want to see the old grannies for??"
I guess he does not appreciate the scale of the event.

Incidently the gig is Easter weekend, that reminds me of a Graceway easter service we dii way back in ancient history, I think it was called The Original Rolling Stone - Steve will probably correct me on that.

But what was really strange was the thoughts about the passage of tiem between these two events, though the Stones don't look any older (hahahaha who am I kidding) a lot has happened in the lives of those who were involved in that service, and I guess in the life of Graceway. So I'll use the opportunity of the Easter Weekend concert to not only remember the original rolling stone, but to pause is prayer for those who were a part of the early history of Graceway and the community that is now Graceway - I wonder what they would think of soem of the worship service ideas we had in the beginning???? Theologicaly fun is how I reflect back on them. Now I really must find my RED SOCKS in time for easter (private joke).

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