Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Saints and Soldiers

Tuesday is cheap video night at our local shop, and normaly ends with me and Maureen sitting around watching a trashy movie that was - 'cheap'. Last night we came across a little gem
Saints and Soldiers.
A WW2 movie set jsut prior to the Battle of the bulge, while the movie was not a huge cinema hit it certainly has won some critical praise and quite frankly is one of the better movies i have seen for along time.
The main character Deacon is a shell shocked soldier who has seen too much and done too much. He's also a Christian, trying to come to terms with his faith in an enviroment of death,
In one of the best scenes in the movie he is chatting with a medic about life after death, the medic a devout athesit comes to the opposite conclusions to Deacon based on the same evidecne. Though the sub plot is war the main plot is about faith - demonstrated through Deacon and passed on to the medic.

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