Friday, February 03, 2006

Mark Driscoll vs Brian McClaren

Just found out that MArk Driscoll has enetered the world of bloggin and seems to have done so with quite a bang.
in a recent response to Brian Mclaren and his thoughts or lack of on Homosexuality
Driscoll has said

"Well, it seems that Brian McLaren and the Emergent crowd are emerging into homo-evangelicals......
And on January 23rd McLaren wrote an article for Leadership that is posted on this blog. In it he argues that because the religious right is mean to gays we should not make any decision on the gay issue for 5-10 years.
As the pastor of a church of nearly 5000 in one of America’s least churched cities filled with young horny people this really bummed me out. Just this week a young man who claims to be a Christian and knows his Bible pretty well asked if he could have anal sex with lots of young men because he liked the orgasms. Had I known McLaren was issuing a Brokeback injunction I would have scheduled an appointment with him somewhere between 2011-2016."

very strong words, but i kind of like them
though the pastoral issues involved are huge, i think it's very easy for us to sit back and do nothing. love or hate Driscoll ( and i find myself quite a fan) he has made a judgement call and his church seems to be doing some good stuff.

Then again maybe i just appreciate the blunt Irishness of the guy, soemthing that I think the Church needs a bit more of to counterbalance the namby pambyness that some of the merging conversations seem to fall into way to often.

I like Brian McLaren a lot, but I need a good dose of Mark Driscoll too

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