Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Post Christendom

Just started reading Stuart Murray's book Church After Christendom. Never ceases to amaze me that there are books like this that seem to have so much to say to the Church but people still get stuck in reading feel good books like 40 days fo purpose. While i think there is a place for these works, i can't help think that were palying crads with the wrong deck when it is all we offer to the Church, when are we going to fess up to the fact that the world has changed and the church is moving further and further into a gheto of self....

Pinched this from Ian McDonalds blog :
From an evalgelism day seminar
Quote of the day was when Bishop Stephen was telling us about him being challenged on, when all this 'new' (implication = wishy washy/un-Biblical) talk about 'our christian journey' became a feature of evangelism?
His reply,
"Well ........ it is difficult to put an exact time on it, but probably ... around Tea Time on the FIRST Easter day!"

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