Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the emerging church becomes a conference church

Not sure whether anyone has noticed lately but there is a new movement happening amongst the conference circuit, gone are the days of 20 steps to being a better ladder (sorry that should say leader) to be replaced by emerging church conferences.
With the threat looming of being set upon by some people i view as friends I want to ask a question.
is this all about money prestige and fame?
is this all about selling another formula?
is this a genuine attempt to draw the firnges of the church into the center?

I am not sure of the answer - maybe there is no answer but there is something to be said about a church movement remaining on the fringes -or am i just being an elitist snob.

answers on the back of a postcard (very emerging Church) to my PO BOX


Call Me Ishmael said...

What if the answer is, "All of the above?"

michael said...

I suspect it might be all three, and that is a scary prospect - but i think there is also something about the pragmatic formula driven nature of Church life there too.

Anonymous said...

appreciate the questions mike. we're hosting brian mclaren in march at opawa so perhaps this post is aimed at me? for me, i was asked to host him after someone else pulled out. i was ambivalent but in the end feel there is was some Biblical injunction to offer hospitality to a stranger and to offer a conversation. in terms of making $, we will have to work damn hard not to be out of personal pocket.