Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Last week a prominent tibettan budhist leader was invited ot our region to promote world peace. I don't wish to offend people but i do need to ask the question what do these people do to promote world peace. It seems to me they offer a smile, encourage people to be happy and pray for blessings and that is about it..
Part of me looks at that and thinks it's a joke, but part of me looks at that and says well does the church offer anymore??
so often what we do can be viewed in the same way, a smile a word of encouragement and a prayer, while these in themselves are important, there must be more to the message of Jesus, and the message of the Church.

When i look at soem of the cries comming out of the emerging church conversations i see cries for something more, to do justice also.
I think at the end of the day that is what makes us more relevant to the needs of the world when we offer a prayer, a smile, and the coat of our back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, don't know if you will read this but.
Here is a thought. How do you create peace? Peace must come from both sides. But you can not force peace on anybody. It must come from within a person.
That is where one can smile, pray and just be friendly. That is the best way to promote peace.