Tuesday, November 01, 2005


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just watched the movie Luther, based on the story of Martin Luther. it struck me how people so easily let the church tell them what to do. In the 15th century it was because people did not have the scriptures in their own language and many could not read. Apparently before Luther went to study Theology he had never read the new testament,,,,,,eeekkkkkkkee. Well i guess things have changed now many of us do have the scriptures in our own language, the problem is that rather than read them for oursleves many would still prefer it if the pastor, priest of whatever his name is read it for them and told them what to say. I won't mention any churches that do this but lets jsut say there are quite a few around.... Makes me think that my philosophy or preaching might be right, my aim has always been to not explain the scriptures but to show how they are applicable to life and have something to say and how to read them for yourself and understand them. I will not forget the comment i got after one of my first sermons - an old lady said, "after you finish preaching, i always go home and sit and read the story you have talked about again over lunch - not to check your telling the truth, but because you help me to make sense of it...."

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