Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Confirmation still a needed right

The Christchurch DIocese had an interesting short article on confirmation this month - it seems that the papanui parish has jsut confirmed 14 candidates the first time they have done this in 15 years - what sort of a church is this??? but it seems to be prat of soemthing deeper of the 80 ministry units in the Christchurch Diocese 14 of them offer confirmation.
I can't help thinking that the whole things is a farce, infant baptism in my mind makes little sense with out soem sort of act of confirmation - the question i guess i would ask is what are the rest of the ministry units doing??? the article goes on to point out that Anglcian schools have been among the last bastions of confirmation seeing it as a excellent focus for Christian teaching.
But what are youth workers doing??? do anglican youth workers have any opinions on this. I have put that question to my colleagues at a regional level who I am meeting with in a couple of weeks time. I'll keep you all posted on what comes up.

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