Sunday, November 13, 2005


Over the past few weeks we have been discusing some very interesting topics, as part of the discussion the role of Augustine has come into question.
Loraine Boettner says that:
"It will not be denied by anyone acquainted with Church History that Augustine was an eminently great and good man, and that his labours and writings contributed more to the promotion of sound doctrine and the revival of true religion than did those of any other man between Paul and Luther.
While the value of Augustine cannot be dismissed his persecution of those who are in error or the Donatists cannot be ignored. It demonstrates I think that being Justified and being Right may not neccesarily be the same thing, though we would often claim them to be. While I suspect Augustine was to an extent justified in his desire to bring the donatists into line his action were certainly not right.
It is in this peresctuion that Thomas Cahill finds the roots of Inquisition,
"Augustine, father of many firsts, is also father of the Inquisition..." How the Irish Saved Civilization.
While I don't not think the theological legacy of Augustine can be ignored - it does have a dark side, one that we ignore at risk.
Theology is not just about playing with words, it is playing with fire, fire that consume the darkness of this world and fire that can consume us just as easily.

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