Monday, October 10, 2005

can you believe people read this

life is odd, when i began blogging a couple of months back i thought it would be just a private journal for me.... but people actualy read it. i will carry on with the blogging but i was surprised that people read it too.
went to church yesterday for the first time in a few weeks - had a wonderful sermon on veggie tales, and the rumour weed, it moved me i laughed i cried - actualy my daucghter insisted that i sit with her in the kids church - although i am sure that the real sermon was equaly as stimulating, though it may not have had the same gag quality.
Favourite line
talking carrot to the rumour weed - "wow a weed that talks..."
Rumour Weed, "So what I'm a talking weed you're a talking carrot.."

went swimming this morning as i normaly do on Mondays - the pool stereo was playing INXS - brings back good memories and despite the artificialnes of the TV series Rockstar INXS i am realy looking forward to hearing there new stuff with JD Fortune


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